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The mission of Project F.U.E.L. is to relieve hunger in school-aged children, to enhance spiritual, physical and emotional health, and to relieve anxiety, and improve attention and self-esteem, leading to increased academic performance and ultimately higher graduation rates.

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There are hungry children in your community.

F.U.E.L. Ministry

A food subsidization program designed to feed children whose only food source may be the food they are receiving at school. All across America children are going without food every weekend. That means for up to 67 hours each weekend school-age children are going without food. Most of these children are on state assistance however the food is not getting to the kids. YOU CAN HELP!

Specific foods are gathered at churches and placed into grocery style bags. The bags are delivered to the school and placed directly into the backpacks of the children. The children are selected by the schools, not based on income, but on signs of hunger. The food and funds are gathered at your church, distributed by your church and to the school you select.

This ministry has been in operation for three years. At no time have any of the churches had to use money from the church budget. This program operates on “second mile” giving at all of the churches. Some churches fed three children while others feed 85 children.

Please allow us to help you eliminate child hunger in your community.

Bag Details

All it takes is $5.15 to supply one child for the weekend.

Hungry children struggle to learn, underachieve academically, experience poor health, and are at risk of not graduating. We can help you end child hunger in your community. History shows children fed by our program experience increased academic scores, are better citizens in the classroom, and are more likely to come to school every day.

  • 2 Proteins

  • 100% Fruit Juices
  • 2 Dairy Items
  • 2 Cheeses
  • 2 Grains
  • 2 Snack Items
  • 2 Fruits
  • 2 Breakfast Items

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the children selected?
School administrators are taught to look for signs of hunger in children. What used to be seen as greedy child is now seen as a hungry child. This is just one example of the signs of hunger; a child who asks more food in the lunchroom.
What age group do you serve?
We serve elementary, middle, and high schools.
Where does the food/funds come from?
The food is gathered by the organization wishing to feed children. The organization can choose to gather funds and purchase the necessary food, and/or receive donations of food.
How does the food get to the children?
The children are very discretely called to a quiet area of the school , at the end of the last day of school each week,and the food is slipped into their backpacks. Preserving the dignity of the child is extremely important.
What role does the feeding organization play in feeding the children?
The feeding organization is responsible for gathering the necessary funds and food to feed the number of children they have committed to.
Where do we send a check to begin the program?
There is no fee to start the program. All funds collected stay within your organization.
How do we start a FUEL Program in our community?
Contact our office for further details and guidance on starting a FUEL Program in your community.