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of America’s teachers regularly have hungry students in their classrooms.

Some children

may go 67 hours without adequate food over the weekend.

Last year,

we provided for 1875 hungry school children in Montgomery County every Friday.

16 million children

in America aren’t getting the food they need at home.


Are you a business or individual that wants to help eliminate child hunger in your community?

Get Involved.

Are you wanting to be a part of a movement that works towards eliminating child hunger?

Who is Fuel For Kids?

“There are hungry children in our community. Children who are hungry struggle to learn, underachieve academically, experience poor health, and are at risk of not graduating.”

Our Vision: To end child hunger in our community.

  • We believe that by ending child hunger the young people in our community will be more focused and able to learn and meet their potential.
  • We believe the success of a child is related to engaging the love and support of our community.
  • We believe in sharing the spirit of faith-based principles as we offer the opportunity to meet the basic food (FUEL) needs of all children in our community.
  • We believe in supporting our Clarksville families.
  • We believe in supporting local schools and universities in the Clarksville Montgomery County area.
  • We believe in collaborating with local churches and community organizations to implement our vision of ending child hunger.

FuelKids is a food subsidization program designed to feed those children whose only food source may be the food they are receiving at school. History shows children fed by our program experience increased academic scores, are better citizens in the classroom, and are more likely to come to school every day.

Working with Churches and local businesses, specific foods are gathered and placed into grocery style bags. The bags are then delivered to local schools and placed directly into the backpacks of the children. The children are selected by the schools, not based on income, but on signs of hunger.

Please help us eliminate child hunger in our community by volunteering your time or by making a donation today.

What’s actually in the bags?

With your donation, we are able to provide food for kids at school. At $5.15 per bag, we’re able to make sure they are getting the proper nutrients in every bag.

FUEL Ministries started in Montgomery County, TN. Since we’ve been around, we’ve been expanding. We now serve schools in Tennessee. The Mission of Project F.U.E.L. is to relieve hunger in school-aged children, to enhance spiritual, physical and emotional health, and to relieve anxiety, and improve attention and self-esteem, leading to increased academic performance and ultimately higher graduation rates.

Let’s bring FUEL to your community and help the children.

We serve schools in Tennessee!